Wouldn’t you LOVE to get in the best shape of your life with a workout you can stick with?

Now you can!

Introducing MDfitness. I'm Dr. Tom Kleeman, an Orthopedic surgeon and originator of MDfitness, the Doctor's Workout. Along with my wife Anne, we've created a safe, effective, and balanced exercise program that will transform your life. Our program consists of three levels of varying intensity including cardio, weight training, and balance moves to target age-related muscle loss. Regardless of your age, gender or current fitness level, the doctor's workout is designed for you!

The Doctor's Workout Level 1 Sample
For beginners and to familiarize yourself with our program.
The Doctor's Workout Level 3 Sample
Graduating to Level 3 will keep you fit and transformed!
The Doctor's Workout Level 2 Sample
Our next step, for those who have comfortably mastered Level 1.

The Doctor's Workout is a fun and effective method to improve your fitness quickly and keep you in shape. MDfitness is a complete program that is easy to follow and can be done virtually anywhere. Commit to our program and we KNOW you will see a change in your body and your ability to enjoy life. I know you're busy, we all are... but if you dedicate just 40 minutes to yourself, 3-4 times a week, you will be rewarded beyond your expectations. At 64, I am in better shape than when I was 54, maybe even 44! MDfitness has changed our lives and I know it will change yours too!

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The Doctor's Workout Advantages:

  • The Doctor's Workout is created for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels
  • We focus on functional fitness, using everyday moves to help you gain strength and enhance your ability to enjoy life.
  • We maximize the results of your workout time by using a simple-to-follow cross training method
  • Strength training revs up your metabolism, improves posture and even improves your cardiovascular health
  • Simply the best investment you can make for your future!
  • Free eBook of recipes to complement and enhance our program with every purchase!

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